TEMECULA: Teen finds niche in country music BY JENNIFER DEAN / CORRESPONDENT Great Oak High School senior Taylor Tickner is a creative soul. The young Temecula resident started performing at age 6, first taking the stage for the musical production Annie. Over the past decade, Taylor has continued acting, done some short film work in Los Angeles and has eventually evolved her talent into a long-term singer/songwriter role

TEMECULA: Taylor Tickner ready for return to Country at The Merc MARCH 10, 2014 BY JEFF PACK After performing more than a dozen times at Country at The Merc, the stage feels like home for 18-year-old singer-songwriter Taylor Tickner. She’s been performing at the popular revue since she was 15. “This is where I really discovered my love and passion for country music,” she said. “I really enjoy performing with the amazing Ranch Rockers band along with Gwyn Sanborn and Sandy Capel who run the show.”

SAN DIEGO ARTIST TO CHECK OUT | TAYLOR TICKNER JUNE 17, 2013 | IN: SAN DIEGO ARTIST TO CHECK OUT | TAYLOR TICKNER FOLLOW JEN ON TWITTER This weekend Megan and I went out to the San Diego County Fair in search for some fun and we ended up stumbling upon a couple artists that stood out from the rest, specifically Taylor Tickner, a country singer /song writer from Temecula. I was impressed with Taylor's angelic voice and it seemed that the other fair-goers within earshot of her performance thought so as well. I was a witness to a bit of a traffic jam of people stopping dead in its tracks to see where that voice was coming. This artist is definitely someone to keep your eyes and ears on!

San Diego Reader: Taylor Tickner Temecula singer/guitarist Taylor Tickner made her stage debut while still in grade school, appearing in a local stage production of Annie. After studying at Temecula Music Academy, she entered the NACMAI (North American County Music Association International) competition, winning Vocalist of the Year.

Great Oak seniors celebrate graduation on June 5, 2014 Complimenting the speeches was a lovely acoustic cover of “Que Sera Sera” by Doris Day sung by Taylor Tickner, whose performance was nothing short of memorable.